Angie's Studios Paros

The ANGIES STUDIOS located in Parikia of Paros.
It is built with full respect to the Cycladic architectural style and all rooms are immaculately designed with the smallest detail.
Traditional courtyard with barbecue and a green garden with bougainvillea and jasmine, with tables, umbrellas and chairs give the visitors moments of tranquility and relaxation.
The Angies Studios (Paros Apartments) welcome you and wish you a pleasant stay in our beautiful island in the heart of the Cyclades.
About Paros and Parikia
Holidays in Paros means light, bright light, sun, blue sky and sea.
A journey into the culture, the island of Archilochus, the Scopa of Perantinos.
In the island from the quarries of (garnet) painted the most famous masterpieces (The reliefs of the Parthenon, the Venus of Milo and many others).
Travel to Paros is a shrine to the Virgin Ekatontapyliani, a monument 17 centuries stands proudly.
 "The streets of Parikia have the harmony of a musical composition" was told by our great C. Seferis. A trip to the scents that awaken the mind ... ..
Parikia is the port of Paros and has the largest traditional village in the Cyclades.
Accommodation in Paros is experience a vacation proposal-friendly traditional.

P.Amanatidis - Angies Studios - Rooms - Paros, Paroikia - Tel.: 22840 23909
Tel.: [winter] : 23510 35886 --- Fax.: [winter] : 23510 38411